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Frequently Asked Questions

What is NZINV - Trusted & Verified Investment Partner and what kind of activity it has?
NZINV - Trusted & Verified Investment Partner is involved in modern technology business Hardware Producing, which is closely linked with the development of new cryptomining algorithms, construction of powerful mining farms and trading activity on electronic exchanges.
For what purpose NZINV - Trusted & Verified Investment Partner launches an investment project?
NZINV - Trusted & Verified Investment Partner is focused on continuous development. To do this, the company needs additional financing. We cannot Funded by Our company's country people because our Company status is Ltd. (Limited). We have plan to go Public within 2020.
Where does the company invest raised funds?
NZINV - Trusted & Verified Investment Partner is funding the construction of new powerful mining farms (Hardware) and also engaged in application development of new cryptomining algorithms.
May i Changed my running investment plans?
No. You cannot. You may increase your deposit within new deposit, but you are forbidden to change your investment plan before you withdraw it. Because it's will make a significant effect to our running project money management. lXl Punishment: Your CHANGED DEPOSIT will be invested to 100 days plan.
is there any limit for withdrawal Request?
There is no withdrawal limit for HPI Members, $2000 daily withdrawal limit for VIP Members, and $200 Withdrawal Limit for Common Members..
What is HPI, and differences with VIP?
"HPI" status is the highest level on our investor ecosystem. with HPI Status, You would get special access to buy NZ's stock shares, that ONLY invited eligible to buy. HPI's has 8 features special Features that Most and HPI Investors dont. We will open the full feature information for public soon.
What I Have to do to get "HPI" status? and what are the requirements?
You will get VIP status automatically after invest on our VIP Plan. You are eligible to invest on VIP plan ONLY after you verify your NZ's account and after you deposit on our 100 days plan. Violation of this rule would make your deposit transferred to 100 days plan automatically.
If I need a second account, can I register it?
YES you can, as its not below your line Account (Profiable purpose) & limited for 5 Accounts.
What currency & Payment method can I use to make a deposit & Withdrawal?
We Accepted USD, BTC, GBP, and EUR as the currency. and 50+ Payment method for Deposit & 30+ Method available for Withdrawal. (Plese Note that, the Availability of your payment method and Currencies are depending on your country)
How to get a Bitcoin wallet and become an investor?
NZINV - Trusted & Verified Investment Partner in turn recommends the use of the most popular service, which also allows you to keep track the status of your payment. To register your new wallet, use the following link:
Where and how can I buy bitcoins to invest?
The easiest method of buying is the use of the It provides a lot of options with exchanges where you can buy bitcoins and live updates on the current Bitcoin value:
You can also top up your wallet using a credit or debit card of any class. To do this locate a seller near you visit
Another useful site that will tell you how to buy Bitcoin is You just need to select the country of your stay to get a list of trusted sellers.
If you are using some kind of e-currency you can exchange it for bitcoins using any certified exchanger, for example from this list:
What investment terms NZINV - Trusted & Verified Investment Partner offers?
We offer a choice of one of two investment plans, but you can combine them and use both at the same time. You can earn 1.0% or 2.88% on a daily basis for 1-10 calendar days, depending on the size of your deposit and chosen investment strategy.
What is the maximum amount i can deposit?
There is no maximum deposit for verified account. but there's a $2000 deposit limit for unreferred account (both verified and unverified) .
I do not understand how I can send the payment to make a deposit. Where can I find more information?
For novice cryptocurrency investors we have prepared detailed instruction that is available in the "Get Started" section.
Do i need to verify My account to invest in NZINV?
You dont need verify yourself as long as your funds are below $1500. For $1500 or above or If you Invest on our VIP Program, Verified account is a must!
Is there any risk that make My money lost?
Yes, There is! you will lose your money if the Jupiter hit earth, or World war 3 Truely Happening. Nope, Our Company is below the FDI (New Zealand Government department for Foreign Investment Protection). It means that your Funds is Insured up to $500,000
How to verify my account?
Please send a verification email to [] or Fax [+44 752-0633-744] within attach Your ID card Picture + Your Username.
When can I withdraw the profit?
Withdrawals of profits are available immediately after accrual and processed in automatic mode.
What is the minimum amount I can withdraw?
There is no minimum amount To withdraw.
How quickly do you process withdrawal requests?
All requests are processed automatically and instantly. This means that you will see payment in your Bitcoin wallet after a maximum of 6-8 confirmations, usually fast enough.
I have pending payment! What's happening?
First of all you should know that we are using API (an abbreviation of application program interface, is a set of routines, protocols, and tools for building software applications), which allows us to handle all operations in automatic mode. Sometimes API provider can operate with a delay or even with temporary outages. That is why you may encounter some delays when you make a deposit or withdrawal requests. However, you have not worry about this because all the problems are usually solved as soon as possible. Such situations are very rare, this is all you need to know.
How can I earn extra money?
NZINV - Trusted & Verified Investment Partner offers to take part in a three-tier affiliate program and earn from 1% to 4% depending on the deposit amounts of your referrals. Detailed information can be found in the "Affiliate Prorgram" section.
Who are the official representatives of NZINV - Trusted & Verified Investment Partner?
If you are having trouble when getting information on our site because of the language barrier, you can contact any of our official representatives, who may live in your country and speak your language. He would be happy to tell you about all the advantages of the company and share his own investment experiences.
Please remember that, Level of Penanlties and fees are depending THE LEVEL OF VIOLATION. Violation alerts are proceed by our algorithm and Sent automatically to our Security Department in Purpose to be Confirmed. IF you think that your Penalty/fee is a mistake. Please dont hesistate to contact us.
There IS NO LOST FUND in NZINV System. Every Penny would be returned to the eligimate owner on the time. Please understand that we have this rules in purpose to against any money laundering. It has been 10 Years for our company with this Rules on it. WE LOVE YOU OUR INVESTORS.
For Violation that Penaltized (Transferred) to another plan, Wont granted by our cashback program. As our Company is always following the Goverment regulation, So we may modify our terms then, following with an official announcement.
If after examining information on the website you still have further questions, we recommend that you look for the answers in this section. We have carefully analyzed the most common queries we receive from our clients in all phases of our cooperation and gathered the necessary minimum information here. However, if you do not find the answer to your question, our support service will be happy to help you, all that you need is just to send a request in any convenient way for yourself.
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